Community Leadership Awards

On May 20, 2015, the Leadership Boise Alumni Association will recognize four individuals and one nonprofit organization as recipients of the 2015 Community Leadership Awards.  These five recipients will be recognized for demonstrating outstanding leadership in the Boise Valley community.

The five categories for the 2015 Community Leadership Awards include: Distinguished Alumni, Nonprofit Excellence, Social Responsibility, Economic Impact and Legacy of Leadership.


The nomination deadline is March 27, 2015.

Distinguished Alumni Award:
The Distinguished Alumni is presented to an alumnus of Leadership Boise who has emerged as a community leader, demonstrated leadership excellence in her or her industry and has made a positive impact on our community.  This individual is a model of what Leadership Boise encourages – actively engaged and educated citizens who have chosen to lead our community.  This individual has become recognized as a leader among leaders in the Boise Valley.


Bill Connors, Sharon Allen and Cece Gassner

2014 Recipient: Sharon Allen, Retired Deloitte
2013 Recipient:
Brad Wiskerchen, Keynetics
2012 Recipient:
Hal Bunderson, Former Idaho State Senator
2011 Recipient: Doug Armstrong, President & General Manager, KTVB News Group

Nonprofit Excellence Award:
The Nonprofit Excellence Award is presented to a nonprofit organization in the Boise Valley that is making a significant contribution to the community.  This organization dramatically impacts a key area of need in the community and operates with integrity and nonprofit excellence.  This organization is known as a “difference maker” in the Boise Valley.


Bill Connors, Susan Kelley, Cece Gassner

2014 Recipient: Women’s & Children’s Alliance
2013 Recipient:
Treasure Valley YMCA
2012 Recipient:
Idaho Ronald McDonald House
2011 Recipient: United Way of Treasure Valley

Social Responsibility Award:
The Social Responsibility Award is presented to an individual whose extraordinary public service has made a positive impact on the community.  This individual has chosen to give back to the community and serve others.  The Boise Valley community is a better place because of the efforts of this individual.


Bill Connors, Theresa McLeod, Cece Gassner

2014 Recipient: Theresa McLeod, St. Luke’s Health System
2013 Recipient:
Brian Cronin, Strategies 360
2012 Recipient:
Rachel Winer, Idaho Smart Growth
2011 Recipient:
Larry Koomler, Senior Vice President, Payne Financial Group

Economic Impact Award:
The Economic Impact Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates a commitment to business and economic development.  The contribution and leadership of this individual was a catalyst for job creation, smart growth/development, or economic improvement in the Boise Valley.  This individual embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking that will lead the Boise Valley to sustained economic prosperity.


Bill Connors, Gary Mahn, Cece Gassner

2014 Recipient: Gary Mahn, Retired Fisher’s Technology
2013 Recipient:
Dave Terrell, Washington Trust Bank
2012 Recipient:
Michael Ballantyne, Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate
2011 Recipient: Joel Hickman, Idaho District President, KeyBank N.A.

Legacy of Leadership Award:
The Legacy of Leadership Award is presented to an individual that demonstrates a history of vision, service and leadership for the betterment of the Boise Valley community.  This individual has built a legacy of building other leaders along the way.  This individual has established a reputation of character, trust and leadership for others to emulate. 


Ed Dahlberg and Jim Everett

2014 Recipient: Ed Dahlberg, Retired St. Luke’s Health System
2013 Recipient:
Ed Zimmer, Retired CEO, ECCO Group
2012 Recipient:
Candice Allphin, U.S. Bank
2011 Recipient: Jim Everett, President & CEO, Treasure Valley YMCA

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Cave at or 208.472.5258.

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